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Stockists of Teradyne and Takaya test equipment

We offer the best in high quality ICT ATE

Test Line is a progressive UK-based, international company who are highly valued by our many clients. With a reputation for both excellence and value for money, we supply top quality products backed up by our outstanding customer service.


01. Full on-site support / calibration

Test Line engineers are fully trained to carry out all upgrades and repairs plus system calibration to National Traceable standards (to the original Manufacturers technical specifications).

02. Refurbished & tested to original spec

Each system is fully checked and tested with any parts not within specification replaced, each machine is then resprayed/restored (if applicable) with National Traceable Calibration carried out prior to delivery.

03. Configured to your requirements

Each system is stocked in its basic/minimal configuration until Test Line is advised of your requirements, such as any or all upgrades and increased driver/sensor test points.

04. On-site installation

A Test Line engineer will fully install your chosen ATE system to your satisfaction. Also they will be able to advise about all other possible upgrades, suitable PC's, vacuum pumps and any other installation requirements.

05. On-site training

We offer a number of training courses both on-site and at our various facilities. Each course can be based on the level of experience and expertise of the user. The chosen course can often be run at the same time as the system installation and new product introduction.

06. Flexible leasing and rental terms

Test Line offers the most flexible leasing/rental terms based on customer commitment & specifications.

07. Trade in and trade up options

We at Test Line would be pleased to consider any suitable trade-in and are always interested in trading up (subject to availability).

08. Programming and fixturing service

Test Line can call on considerable expertise in supplying a very high quality "turnkey program and fixture" package, and can, in most cases incorporate these turnkey packages at the same time as delivering either a rental or purchased system.

09. Surplus systems purchased

Test Line is always looking to secure/purchase "good quality" test equipment (ATE) and offers attractive prices, often with a trade-in option.


Products available

Takaya Corp. products
Takaya Model APT8400 Takaya Model APT9400
Takaya Model APT9401 Takaya Model APT9411
Teradyne products
TERADYNE Model 1800 TERADYNE Model 1808
TERADYNE Model 1820 TERADYNE Model 1850
TERADYNE Model 1880-1 TERADYNE Model 1880-2
TERADYNE Model 1888 TERADYNE Model 1890
TERADYNE Model Spectrum 8851 TERADYNE Model Spectrum 8852
TERADYNE Model Spectrum 8855